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Summer is all about wearing breathable fabrics and confidently experimenting with bright colors and new clothing patterns. That being said, summer casual best t-shirts for men enter the spotlight and make you look fresh and maintain a comfort level even during the hot weather.

These t-shirts are anything but a major fashion staple when it comes to curating workwear or daily wear outfits. They serve as a major focal point, around which you can effortlessly build the rest of your look. T-shirts were first introduced in the 19th century when people would cut their jumpsuits to remain cool during scorching heat.

Fast forward to the 21st century, casual t-shirts have ended up becoming universally recognized and most preferred fashion apparel. They have always been a top choice for people looking for fashionable yet comfortable clothing. However, it is important to know which t-shirt style will suit you better. With that in mind, let’s dive into the world of elegance and comfort with the exclusive and stylish range of best t-shirts for men at Crocodile!

Different Types of T-Shirts Men Should Know About  

Round Neck T-Shirts: For Putting Together a Basic Style

We all know that indian summer weather can be intense with humidity and sweating. It can feel like a tough task to dress up and move out without succumbing to the unbearable heat. This is why you need to have round-neck t-shirts in your wardrobe that will surely revolutionize your summer styling.

As the word says itself, round neck t-shirts for men have a circular neck design without any collar and are made up of soft and smooth fabric that feels extremely comfortable while wearing. It allows you to stay stylish yet comfy. Moreover, they can be paired with numerous clothing alternatives like jeans, denim shorts, formal pants and more.

round neck t-shirts for men

V-Neck Shirts: To Stand Out From the Crowd

V-neck t-shirts for men go beyond a simple dressing item and are considered one of the wardrobe essentials for all casual occasions. A V-neck t-shirt is exactly what it sounds like- a t-shirt with a neckline in a ‘V’ shape.

Contrary to popular belief, wearing a v-neck t-shirt does not only reflect femininity. A v-neck tee stands out as a particularly stylish option for both men and women. If you are looking for a break from your typical round-collar t-shirt style, there’s no harm in picking V-neck best t-shirts for men that give a completely different and refreshing look.

If you are looking for layered outfits, you can easily try breathable v-neck t-shirts that are made up of high-quality material. Complement it with half buttoned casual printed shirt, cotton trousers or denim jeans, and cool sunglasses.

The best part of donning v-neck t-shirts is that they can easily be unlayered and would still make your ensemble look unique and captivating.

collar neck tshirts for men

Collar Neck T-Shirts: Where Casual Meets Formal

T-shirts with collars offer the perfect fusion of formal yet casual attire, creating a perfect blend of shirts and t-shirts. If you look through, you will find a diverse collection of different styles of collar-neck t-shirts available online. From modern millennial young men to middle age men, Polo collared t-shirts from Crocodile are a fashion staple attracting males from every community.

Such is the significance of the collar t-shirts that they give the best of both worlds- fashion and comfort. You can elevate your workwear look with a collar-neck t-shirt and flaunt a classic business casual vibe.

Given the collar neck, these t-shirts for men perfectly fit the body and make you look slim. It's short sleeves and seamless fitting give it a classy look which means you can wear it to work, cafe dates with friends and even at home.

Printed T-Shirts: For a Subtle Stylish Look

Men often think that styling a printed casual t-shirt may not look good on them as it represents the feminine side of styling. However, this is not true. With apparel fashion constantly evolving, solid-colored and printed casual t-shirts for men trending these days.

T-shirts for men have witnessed a new trend which has become an internet sensation these days. From influencers to the common man, everyone seems to love this ongoing fashion which is graphic tees! These designs give a minimalistic look making it a perfect outfit for all the casual plans you make after work.

When purchasing the best t-shirts for men, it is important to consider the right color contrast. Opting for a neutral color base with simple designs exudes a subtle yet confident vibe. The t-shirt should not stretch beyond the waist area or else it will create the illusion of a baggy look.

Printed T-Shirts

Styling Casual T-Shirts

Bottom Line: Styling Casual T-Shirts like a Pro!

A basic t-shirt is a fundamental item, playing a crucial role in everyday styling for men. Whether you layer it with a casual striped shirt or pair it individually with bottom wear, there are different aspects to styling a basic tee.

If you further want to swoon everyone with your brilliant styling skills, you can mix and match your basic tee with a blazer or denim jacket. These basic styling tips will not only elongate your look but would also add a fashion twist to this most common clothing item in your closet.

Another cool way to revamp the t-shirt look is to style your outfit with an attractive pair of sneakers and glasses! Don’t wait and go ahead and ace your outfit like a blogger!

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